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Popular Brand FR82 Oakley Sunglasses Half Jacket 2.0 Black Lucido oo9154 Hot Sale In Canada

Popular Brand FR82 Oakley Sunglasses Half Jacket 2.0 Black Lucido oo9154 Hot Sale In Canada

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One, small white shoes as a student party, how can the shoes on the small white shoes! Its clean, comfortable, wild features make it my heart is good, from high school to now do not know to buy a few pairs, fromBlack the canvas to the cortex, and feel the canvas to be simple, the cortex to be a little elegant. With you can take any clothesCanada (in addition to too grand dress) to catch T-shirt hot pants you are unruly youth Fan Geng years, to catch a white dress you are the goddess of literature, anyway, I think a pair of clean (pay attention to be

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clean! ) Small white shoes gray temperament is both pure and pure clean.Popular Brand recommendation: In fact, dozens of dollars are also okay, but to be durable, then you can buy the United States Converse orOakley backstreet (brand is relatively small, but the color looks good, more soft sister, the answer is more like), orLucido Buy Ked's it, this year is mold endorsement, better than before, the US2.0 national brand. Second, a pedal also called lazy shoes, do not need to tie directly with the shoelaces can be suitable for lazy family. Style more casual leisure, suitable for the streets, travel, butIn also quite tide. Style Recommended: leopard or all black, little personality. Brand recommendation: ASOS or Zara, ASOS Lok Fu shoe looks very famous. On a big way to look at the United States Street, look, we must reveal the ankle! Third, the Oxford shoes Oxford shoes loyalty to a record, and now aoo9154 lot of shoes really quiteFR82 similar, fun shoes b Loch Oxford shoes silly is not clear, I think the Oxford shoes to be more formal, and the aboveSale carved pattern will More elegant Some color recommendation: brown more college style, black patent leather more wild, wine red nickname is also very distinctive brand Recommended: its music Clarks rotten Oxford shoes to do is still very good, high quality classicHot style, black patent leather , The British direct mail 500 or so, the price is moderate. Brown compare college winds. Fourth, the balletOakley shoes are recommended before the more neutral, the following recommended a little round of women's shoes, I do not like to wear summer sandals, so the general single shoes can be resolved. Ballet shoes is a good skirt, skating group, high waist doll skirt, dress what are more appropriate. Very ladies feel. Brand Recommended: Repetto said, Valentino, Manolo, Roger viverSunglasses (square head mostly) are very beautiful and beautiful! MUJI, the industry is also a conscience brand. On the foot map, is the canvas material, canHalf not wear this rain in the day I am so drunk. 5,Popular Brand FR82 Oakley Sunglasses Half Jacket 2.0 Black Lucido oo9154 Hot Sale In Canada sports shoes Sports winds in recent years is very popular, big coffee began to run, more and more people began to fitness it ~ so

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I would recommend sports shoes, not only when the sport can wear, weekdays shopping , Travel wear and comfortable and nice. Do not recommend rotten street: Onitsuka Tiger, NIKE AIR MAX, NB 574 Recommended: Nike freeJacket or Nike zoom, adidas originals. Six, Chelsea boots short leg star welfare, autumn and winter wear black tight jeans when to catch a pair of Chelsea boots pedal kicking pedalBrand change long legs stars, because from the visual legs and shoes seamlessly leg ratio, for a high girl , Because it is not necessary to wear hate days high, so about 3cm with the high will be very appropriate. I have three pairs of shoes in winter, a pair of knee boots, a pair of UGG (the coldest time to wear), a pair of Chelsea traveled the world roar. Autumn can wear leather, winter to wear cashmere. Recommended brands: ZARA.

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